The mall has a footfall of 4000+ customers per day, and with all the amenities that one can seek, The Forum continues to make its mark and reach new heights of recognition in the Mall Industry of Pakistan, setting trends as a benchmark for others to follow as an example.

Apart from the mall, we have 7 floors reserved for offices occupied by blue chip companies and the biggest businesses of Pakistan. Our office residents have the luxury of a central location for their workspace, free parking and ease of access, separated from the mall entrance. Many corporations and firms choose The Forum as a location for their head offices and for the main headquarters of their companies.

The Forum Shopping Mall prides in being one of Karachi's leading shopping malls and high-end office buildings, having all the leading brands under one roof as well as several main corporate offices and firms.

Tagged by customers as "A Royal Experience For Shopping," the image of this mall in Karachi, Pakistan, is categorized largely as a "Brand," foreseen as a label first and then as a fashion necessity for others to follow. With multiple foreign and local brands, an international standard restaurant and a luxurious supermarket, The Forum Mall is located in the heart of Clifton and is easily accessible from any part of the city.